About Us

Who We Are?

USMLE Books is a growing publishing company in medical field, we take challenges of how medical education is approached, how medical schools deliver it and how students learn it. We want you spending time in quality research and study what you actually practice in medicine and that’s only done by making learning simpler, quicker, and more solid. Learn what’s needed and make it stick.

Great Team Togetherness

USMLE Books focuses on providing best services for the medical students, we explain everything that is roaming in your mind and this is just because of our young and energetic team. Our coordinators will bring in new and improved ideas for changing in learning. The leadership follows our birth motive. Our creative head, graphic designer and marketing hero, make the publication attractive and informative for every single person of this filed. What makes us different? Let’s dive:

Centered Content

We break various points of information in the modest way, incorporated ideas that empower reformist authority and forestall data over-burden. Each question you experience will zero in on a solitary basic idea and highlight a brief yet content-rich clarification. Idea by idea, your establishment of information will develop as you take help our far-reaching question bank.

Practical Test Simulation

We highlight case-based situations that coordinate the style of the USMLE, an interface choice that reflects the one you’ll see on test day, and questions that are not just common, but mandatory for your upcoming test. At the point when you concentrate with our topic, test day will feel like very practical.

Obligation to Quality

Each topic we prepare is thoroughly checked by our experts and has appropriate, brief, and reasonable explanation. We constantly update our topics to keep every subject accurate with new researches in proof-based medication and guidelines of care, to mirror the topic tried by the USMLE, and to all the more likely serve our understudies in light of their criticism.

Understudy Focus

We perceive that it is an honor to take an interest in your schooling, and we vow to convey just substance top notch to help you in your learning and test planning. Presently like never before, the world requirements capable and caring doctors, and consistently we pull for you in the work we do.

Master Authors

We utilize and train the absolute best doctor ability, people who have dominated the data they’re instructing, and have dominated in their clinical tests. Our rehearsing doctors bring the expansiveness of clinical fortes together into a very close, nearby group who endeavor every day to better one another and our material.

Dynamic Learning Methodology

We accept your interest in the learning interaction makes learning more compelling. Our inquiries will move you to incorporate, as opposed to repeat, the data you’ve learned in your classes and clinical turns and will keep you effectively drew in during your test planning.

Our Mission

Only taking lectures are not enough for a medical student, we realized the value of medical in our society so we are offering huge discounts for helping them, who cannot afford their studies. We provide all categories easily either you want to buy a single note book or want a complete set, we have different deals on both that we think creates ease in learning.

Our Vision

Our vision is to spread learning for the purpose of humanity that we overcome all the diseases in our society and make a better world for the new generation. We want to help students getting their concepts well cleared and we ensure, they are prepared well for their exams, their concepts should be crystal clear that helps them to solve their assessments with peace of mind.

We don’t offer only the medical books; we provide custom made printing facility also. If you are not interested in taking complete bundle of books, you can get prints as per your requirements. The method of getting prints is very simple and easy, and allows you to publish any kind of material or new research, in any size, in any color, with photographs or illustrations—everything! You simply need to envision how you need your book to look, and it will be made. We hope you enjoy our work. Good or bad, let us know by contacting us.

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